Friday, March 7, 2008

easter eggers

After a morning of spreadsheet hell at work, it was a welcome respite at lunchtime to check out the feed store on Highway 20. I was really hoping that I would find a pair of standard-size, egg-laying pullets to complete our backyard flock.
I found the Country Feed Store to be quite charming with its entirely rustic atmosphere, all the wonderful animals, and the friendly mom & pop owners. Inside a cat yawned by the register, and another cat slept in Yardbird Alley, a little room of antiques and vintage for sale.

3-6-2008 11-55-21 AM
I was so happy that they had lots of chicks for window shopping. All good egg-layers -- Rhode Island Reds, black stars, brahmas, and ameraucanas.
Ameraucanas! What luck. One of my favorites, I discovered in my research. A relatively new breed developed from the araucana chicken that lays lots of tinted eggs, mostly blue. Hence the nickname the 'easter egg chicken'. Actually these easter eggers are most likely ameraucana/araucana mutts, since purebreds are relatively rare.
The ameraucana chicks were varied in colors and patterns...I stared at them in the brooder for quite a while until I felt silly from gawking.

3-6-2008 11-55-36 AM
I really like the lighter-colored ones.
There were so many other animals to look at I didn't have time for them all, except to snap a quick pic at this emu.
3-6-2008 12-00-39 PM

As I walked by the emus a delicious aroma of fried chicken drifted from the convenience store next door. A juxtaposition that made me remember to pick up lunch on the way back to work.
I'll have to come back again another lunchtime for more window shopping. And I'm pretty sure I'm coming back this weekend for at least one easter egger...maybe two.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chickens on the Runway

I know with the recent acquisition of my new babies that I've had chicken on the brain lately, but how could chickens not come to mind while watching the season finale of Project Runway last night?
First of all, the bantam-size Christian the chicken boy with his fierce rooster comb hair won.
And his final look! That gown was amazing and gorgeous. But it did remind me of my feather-footed cochins.

If I had a rooster, I'd name it Rami.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our New Chickens

I love our new chickies!
Ann Margaret, Joan Jett, and Apollonia are Polish bantams, 4 weeks old on Thursday. Their cute little heads are already growing those crazy top hats. This crested breed is probably the most ornamental of all chickens. They won't lay eggs that well, but they will sure be pretty and entertaining!
June Carter, Janet Leigh, and Lisa Marie are cochin bantams, 6-8 weeks old. They are fluff-balls with feathery feet and will look a lot bigger than they really are.
Bantam is the poultry term for miniature. These gals will only grow to 24-28oz at maturity -- one-fourth to one-fifth the size of the standard size.

Ann Margaret 

Ann Margret
Joan Jett 
f 3-2-2008 12-40-05 PM  

Black-tailed red polish bantam  
Janet Leigh 
Janet Leigh

June Carter
f 3-2-2008 12-49-54 PM  

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie