Friday, October 25, 2013

Tiny Dancer is Molting

Tiny Dancer, our only standard-size chicken and our oldest, is molting, and she just looks awful. And I hate that the coop is full of her feathers everywhere. It looks like a predator got lucky. But when she's back to herself again she'll be a an even more beautifully-feathered Columbian Wyandotte.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mystery Chick Appears!

Just happened to check the coop a few minutes ago and heard a wailing chick! Didn't even know we had an egg ready. We must have overlooked it buried in the nest fluff. Lee had marked some to hatch just two weeks ago. It's black with a black beak and grayish black feet. I was glad I was there because it squeezed through the chicken wire and popped out of the coop. I put it back and the two easter egger hens, the lavender and the black ones, promptly guided it to the run area and sat on it, both together! It's so cute...the black hen was peeking out the lavender one's wing.

We successfully rehomed our two Sultan cockerals in July, leaving us with our single rooster Ponyboy, the golden neck d'Uccle. Hoping this new chick is a female and the actual offspring of one of the two momma hens, which would give us another green egg layer.